Chainmail silver bracelets

Handmade in beautiful Lozère – France

Criado na rua no Brasil // Developed with beloved friends from the whole world

Our chainmail bracelets are made from scratch with age-old techniques learnt in the street in Brazil. 

The 925 silver rings are assembled one by one, by hand, in our craftman studio in South of France, Lozère. The sterling silver (925/1000) rings are anti-tarnish layered.

DA RUA Bracelets en maille Perse trois Oeil de Tigre Détails
DA RUA Bracelets en maille Perse Oeil de Tigre

PERSIAN Chainmail

This chainmail contains a cross section with a chevron shape, giving it 2 different sides to vary according to your mood.

Its salient rings give it a rock but refinated style. 

BOX CHAIN Chainmail 

This chainmail is composed of 4 rings forming a cube, the 4th ring being linked to the 1st one. 

Made of thick rings and gemstones, it has a rock and rebellious style. 

DA RUA Bracelet en maille Box Chain Epais Unisex Détails
DA RUA ensemble bracelet en maille box chain améthyste citrine argue marine avec Caterina Pezoa
DA RUA Bracelet en maille Byzantin 3 Quartz détails
DA RUA Combinaison de bracelets en maille Perse et Byzantin


With its complex look, this chainmail is composed of box chain mailles linked together. 

Its style is very majestic and sturdy.

EUROPEAN Chainmail

It used to be worn by the knights as a coat of mail during the Middle-Age. 

Delicate, simple, light and flowing, it will adorn your wrist.

DA RUA Bracelet en maille Européenne Lapis Lazuli
Mailles Européennes