Garnet Box Chain



It is made up of 4 rings forming a cube, the 4th ring being connected to the first. Made with thick rings and gemstones, it has a rebellious, rock style.

With its warm red color, it is said that garnet is the stone of transformation, which strengthens vital energy.

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Garnet’s Box Chain bracelet Sterling silver, quality 925, anti-tarnish treatment, hallmarked.

Stones from Mozambique, size about 4-4,5mm

Spring clasp, classic (not magnetic, as shown in the photos)

length: Extension chain included (1cm)

It is one of the four different chainmailles offered by DA RUA. Our chainmaille Bracelets are made with ancestral techniques learned in the street in Brazil. They are handcrafted, each jumping ring, by André Santibanez in his artisan workshop in La Canourgue, Lozère, France.

Maintenance tips
Ideally, keep the bracelets away from air and light when not in use, and avoid contact with salt water and chemicals

Box Chain weave it’s a variation of the Byzantine weave.

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