Persian Oeil de Tigre, Oeil de Faucon et Oeil de Taureau


Contains a cross section in the shape of a chevron, giving it 2 different faces to vary according to your desires. Its protruding rings give it a rock, but refined style. Associated with the tiger eye, falcon eye and bull eye stones, this bracelet is just as suitable for a man as for a woman.

The tiger eye stone is a protective stone. It returns negative energy to the one who emits it. This stone protects against all evil claims
It promotes persistence, in particular to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. It allows you to draw on your own resources to demonstrate what you plan to do. The tiger’s eye is also a mirror, making the wearer aware of his faults.

The hawk eye stone allows change to open up and gives way to new ideas. It also makes it possible to develop listening to others. The hawk’s eye is highly appreciated and recommended for people who are “closed” in themselves or very conservative, convinced of their conviction in being open to others.

The bull’s eye stone is used to develop courage and inner strength.
When worn by the being, the brown of this stone develops anchoring and energy. It is a stone that stabilizes and allows you to stay grounded.

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The Persian bracelets are made of sterling silver, quality 925, anti-tarnish treatment, hallmarked. Contact us to order another length.

6mm Jumping rings

Classic spring clasp (not magnetic, as shown in the photos)

Extension chain included (1 cm)

It is one of four different silver links offered by DA RUA. Our mesh bracelets are made with ancestral techniques learned in the street in Brazil. They are handcrafted, each ring, by André Santibanez in his artisan workshop in La Canourgue, Lozère, France.

Maintenance tips
Ideally, keep the bracelets away from air and light when not in use and avoid contact with salt water and chemicals

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16,5 cm, Standard Femme: 17,5 cm, 19 cm, Standard Homme: 21 cm, 22 cm

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